Monday, June 05, 2006


While I will normally just add blogs to my blogroll quietly and without fanfare, I came across a new one that made me want to point it out to my readers. Separated By A Common Language is a blog by an American living in the UK. I particularly liked the problem of "how long... it takes for a person to lose the intuition for what's in your own dialect and what you've acquired in a second dialect." Since I have lived in the US all my life, this shouldn't be a problem I have ever had to deal with. However, having also spent much of that time watching Monty Python, Masterpiece Theater, Dr.Who and all those wonderful Brit Coms (Vicar of Dibley, Keeping Up Appearances, Yes, Minister, Absolutely Fabulous, etc.) I have found that I am rather more comfortable with British English than I might otherwise have been. I also find the difference between the two dialects fascinating.

Keeping with the theme of liking all things British, I introduce you to The Perorations of Lady Bracknell. You may have noticed from my previous posts that I enjoy the "higher" English of the 19th century. I recently tried to introduce an acquaintance to H.H.Munro (aka Saki). She sat down to read a story, but could not concentrate enough to "translate" the language (I sent it to her via email so she could read it in quiet). It hadn't occurred to me that my tastes might be so esoteric. I have always enjoyed reading this type of literature. Well, Lady Bracknell may well be Saki reincarnated. She is witty, funny, and her use of the English language is nothing if not masterful. Well worth the read.