Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Pronominal Adjectives

I had never even heard the term "Pronominal Adjectives" until recently. Either we were never taught it in school, or I was absent that day. When I did finally come across it, I had to ask Craig what it was. He knew, of course :)

Here is the explanation from my most recent acquisition,The Elements of Grammar by Samuel S. Greene, A.M. Philadelphia: H. Cowperthwaite & Co., 1855.

Those limiting adjectives which may, without the use of the article, represent a noun when understood, are called pronominal adjective; as, "That (book) is his; this is yours."

The principal pronominal adjectives are, this, that, these, those, former, latter, which, what, each, every, either, neither, some, one, none, any, all, such, much, both, few, fewer, fewest, first last, little, less, least, many, more, most, own, some, several, sundry, enough.

The book goes on to give declensions of the words one and other. I didn't even know you could decline nouns or pronouns. You learn something every day.


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